Why Doesn’t Our Marketing Work?

why doesn't our marketing work

What is marketing? Marketing is the process of introducing your brand to the people who need what you’re selling. The purpose of marketing is to influence the people who need what you’re selling to buy from you instead of from your competitor. How often should a business market itself? Always. A business should always be marketing itself.

Marketing is easy

What’s the biggest mistake companies make with their marketing? The biggest mistake they make is stopping. They begin a marketing effort, they put something out there for the public to see, and then they stop. They think they’re done. Then they wonder why their marketing doesn’t work.

Marketing is ongoing and continual. Marketing can’t be done in bursts. To be successful at marketing, one must always be engaged in the process. There are two reasons for this: one is called “persistence”, and the other is called “timing”. Persistence refers to the fact that in order to influence people, your message must be heard often. Timing refers to the fact that not every person needs what you’re offering at the moment you offer it. To be successful at marketing, you want your message to be heard often and when the prospect is listening.

Online marketing

Online marketing is the best way to make your message persistent and heard at the right time. A well-developed Internet presence that includes a website made by an Internet marketing specialist is indispensable. It can ensure that your marketing message is being seen by the right people at the right time.

Marketing is easy. Remember these basic principles:

  1. Always be engaged in marketing
  2. Talk to those people for whom you can solve a problem
  3. Don’t stop marketing

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