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What is the Ultimate Traffic Trio?

ultimate traffic trio

Sometimes we take for granted the ultimate traffic trio (social media, digital ads, and SEO) and assume that what’s so basic to marketers is so easily understood by all. Let’s review social, digital ads, and SEO, and understand the one, singular role they all share…

Is Ongoing Website Maintenance Necessary?

Peace of Mind

Could ongoing website maintenance give you greater peace-of-mind? Read on to discover the mistake one business recently made… Last month, I received a call from someone who attended a presentation I had given on Internet Presence Marketing in Greenwich, Connecticut. “Hi Andy, this is Brian. I met you yesterday during the presentation. I have a […]

How to Take Advantage of the Changes in Buyers’ Online Behavior

How to take advantage of the changes in buyers' online behavior

Are you prepared to take advantage of changes in buyers’ online behavior? Marketing has traditionally been passive. You create an advertisement for your business, and you place it in a magazine. You create a commercial for your business, and you run it on television or the radio. You write a direct mail campaign (letter, postcard, […]