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What is the Ultimate Traffic Trio?

ultimate traffic trio

Sometimes we take for granted the ultimate traffic trio (social media, digital ads, and SEO) and assume that what’s so basic to marketers is so easily understood by all. Let’s review social, digital ads, and SEO, and understand the one, singular role they all share…

Don’t Build Your Home on Someone Else’s Land

dont build your house on someone elses land

Last week, I saw a poll online that asked the question, “Is it necessary to have a website, or is a presence on social media sufficient?”. I thought the answer to this question was fairly obvious, but the responses were varied enough that I believe this question is worth asking again: Is it necessary to […]

Social Media: It’s All About Connecting

Ever wonder why one person’s social media account seems to be more “popular” than yours? What are they doing that you’re not? There are many misconceptions when it comes to how you should use your social media platforms to be found on the internet. This goes for your personal, as well as business, social media. […]

How to Promote a Unique Product Using Internet Presence Marketing

marketing a unique product

(This article was updated on April 19, 2022.) Can the Internet be used to promote a unique product? I first met the owners of 17th Century Suds about ten (10) years ago on a visit to Ithaca, New York. Andy and Wendy own a small company that manufactures organic soap and body care products. Their […]