Social Media: It’s All About Connecting

Ever wonder why one person’s social media account seems to be more “popular” than yours? What are they doing that you’re not?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to how you should use your social media platforms to be found on the internet. This goes for your personal, as well as business, social media. Lets go through some of them to help clear the air:

First off, we must remember that everything connects. Whether we are talking about the social media platforms we use or what we see on our feeds, there is always a connection. There is a reason why you are seeing what other people like or comment on, why the ads on your page always resemble what you just searched on Google, and why you’re always directed to certain pages. The internet guides us toward things it knows we are interested in or will make us interested, based on our behavior and prior activity online.

When it comes to Instagram and Facebook, it is important to take full advantage of LIKES, COMMENTS, and SHARES. In order to see a page that you do not already follow, a mutual friend of yours and that page must do one of those previous three things (Like it, Comment on it, or Share it). It is an internet web that is being built.

If I go ahead and Like a post of a friend I follow, then that post will show on my feed, allowing my friends to then take notice of my friend’s page. The more Likes, Comments, and Shares that your page has, the more your “popularity” increases.

The misconception is that the number of Friends and Followers is what increases your chances of being found. This is FALSE. Although it is impressive to have thousands of Friends and Followers, it is the activity done on the page (Liking, Commenting, Sharing) that matters most.

For example, I was searching Instagram using a hashtag that is common for me. In doing this I came across a page that I fell in love with. The owner of the page only had about 400 Followers, but their photos had over a thousand Likes collectively. It was because of that over a thousand Likes that I found this page; NOT because of the number of Followers. Instagram (as well as Facebook) pushes us to engage on peoples pages by offering the Like, Comment, and Share buttons; so take advantage!

Social media has so many great ways to help grow your business; this is only one. Be sure to take advantage of everything these platforms offer you – and don’t be fooled by misconceptions. Remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE!