How to Attract the Best Talent for Your MSP Firm

Digital platforms make a compelling case to prospective employees.

How to attract the best talent has been on the minds of MSP business owners lately.

In a recent, unscientific poll I took of MSP leaders here in the Northeast, “staffing” was the #2 business problem reported by MSP owners and keeping them up at night (“cybersecurity” was #1).

Specifically, owners of MSPs reported that there is currently a massive talent gap in the IT industry, making it challenging for MSPs to acquire skilled staff. Not being able to find the right talent might hurt the quality of services they render.

So it is important to know that in an ongoing quest to attract the best talent for your MSP firm, a robust online presence is not just an option; it’s a necessity.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), talent recruitment has shifted from a company-controlled process to a candidate-driven one, with potential candidates often researching companies before they apply. As such, you must leverage digital platforms to make a compelling case to potential employees.

Attracting the Best Talent for Your MSP

Here are seven (7) areas I believe you should be focusing on right now:

Branding Your MSP through Your Website

The first contact point between your prospective employees and your business is usually your website. Therefore, it should effectively communicate what you stand for – your vision, mission, core values, service range, and, importantly, your company culture. A “Career” section highlighting the benefits, growth opportunities, diversity, employee testimonials and list of available positions will attract highly skilled IT professionals to your team.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

The LinkedIn platform has emerged as a go-to hub for IT professionals looking for job opportunities. A vibrant LinkedIn Company Page showcasing your company culture, services, projects, and testimonials from happy customers or employees can strengthen your MSP’s placement as an ideal workplace. Regular posts about open job positions can directly attract potential job-seekers.

Social Media – Showcasing Your Company Culture

Your MSP’s social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are vital tools. Beyond product promotions and customer service, these platforms should reflect your organization’s culture, value, team-building events, community outreach, and other social activities. Such glimpses into your work environment can humanize your MSP and paint a picture of what life is like within your firm, convincing top talent to come on board.

Thought Leadership

A solid reputation as a thought leader in the MSP space can also draw industry-leading competence. Regularly publish informative, relevant, and up-to-date articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts. Participate in industry webinars, make keynote speeches at IT events, and engage in online discussion forums. As you display your prowess, you simultaneously make a compelling case to potential IT recruits about the opportunities to learn and grow within your firm.

Indeed and Glassdoor Profiles

Optimizing your profiles on job-seeking platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor is vital. Both platforms allow former and current employees to review their employers. Stellar reviews on these platforms will naturally attract top talent. Regularly engage with these reviews, thank those who leave positive reviews, and respond constructively to negative feedback, showcasing your commitment to improving employee satisfaction.

Employee Advocacy

Your current employees can become powerful marketing tools. Encourage them to share job listings, events, and company updates on their personal social media channels. Job seekers usually trust employees’ views more than employer branding. Potential IT professionals can get a first-hand look at your company through these shares, attracting them to explore opportunities with your firm.

SEO and Paid Advertising

Invest in SEO and online advertising to extend your reach. Google for Jobs, for instance, is excellent for job postings. Plus, with search-engine-optimized job descriptions, your listings can appear in searcher’s results, making it easier for IT professionals to find them.

Your Internet presence forms the backbone of your recruiting strategy, especially when attracting the best IT talent for your MSP. As an MSP, staying current with these methods can not only help you appeal to exceptional IT professionals, but also retain them long term.

Remember, a well-developed online presence enables passionate IT professionals to visualize their future and aspire to contribute to building a shared vision.