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Don’t Build Your Home on Someone Else’s Land

dont build your house on someone elses land

Last week, I saw a poll online that asked the question, “Is it necessary to have a website, or is a presence on social media sufficient?”. I thought the answer to this question was fairly obvious, but the responses were varied enough that I believe this question is worth asking again: Is it necessary to […]

Perfect Storm for Marketing Your Business

perfect storm for marketing your business

If ever there was a perfect storm for marketing your business it would be now. All of the elements necessary for creating that ideal environment in which to grow your business are upon us — let’s take a look. When we think about the elements that are needed in order to make marketing as successful […]

Warm Qualified Leads versus “Hits”

warm qualified visitors

(This article, originally published in 2018, has been updated with new content.) People ask me, “Now that we are investing more time and money in our website and social media, when should we expect to see more traffic and hits on our website?” Whenever I hear that question, I’m reminded that many business owners still […]

My Best Kept LinkedIn Secrets

Best Kept LinkedIn Secrets

Given the multitude of so-called LinkedIn “experts,” let me begin by establishing my credentials.  I have 30,000 first-degree connections on LinkedIn, the maximum permitted.  I have 32,426 followers.  I have published 268 articles on LinkedIn.  They have been read over 425,000 times.  Using LinkedIn, specifically my articles, as the hub of my marketing efforts, I […]