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What’s the Difference Between “Specialization” and “Exclusivity”?

Specialization vs Exclusivity

There are two terms that you may hear spoken about in marketing — specialization and exclusivity — and I ran into both of them this past week, so let’s define them now. Specialization In a business networking group recently, I described my work by saying that I “specialize in Internet marketing for IT providers, law […]

How to Sell High-Ticket Items Online


The Internet levels the playing field, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to compete. But many business owners, newly empowered with this ability, either forget or fail to understand what’s needed in order to sell high-ticket items online.

Pinning Down the Right People


Pinning down the right people to work with can be a real challenge — whether you are looking for a vendor/provider or an employee/freelancer, you want someone who fits the definition of the word “partner”. Working with partners helps ensure that everyone’s goals are the same.

Double Your Prices and Fire Half Your Clients


It may seem counter-intuitive or outright ridiculous, but I have doubled my prices and fired half my clients. I have never been happier! You see, the secret to a successful business, I have found, is to focus on the 16.67% — that’s right, the 16.67%. “What exactly is the 16.67%”, you may ask.