Let’s Eat Grandma!

Let's Eat Grandma

Mmmm…! What could be more delicious? But seriously, that line really needs a bit of proper punctuation, doesn’t it?

The importance of proper punctuation

It’s a fact that many of us are either careless with punctuation, or we forget its proper usage (how many noticed that this sentence contains the words “it’s” and “its” properly punctuated?).

When we are careless with punctuation or use it improperly, we can do two things:

  1. We can change the intended meaning of a sentence;
  2. We can risk making ourselves appear careless or, worse yet, ignorant.

Proper punctuation is like showing up well-dressed and on time for an appointment — we tend to notice only when it isn’t done right.

Punctuation and proofreading

For me, the importance of proper punctuation goes a step further. I believe that proofreading one’s work is imperative. And that’s never been more true than today, when many of us are writing for the digital age.

It is important to consider not only your choice of words and use of punctuation, but how your writing will look to the reader.

My iPhone recently downloaded an update, and after doing so, presented me with the option of switching my display from “Light” to “Dark” — merely a matter of preference, however I find that the dark display mode is easier on my eyes.

This has caused text to display differently on my phone, most noticeably for me when reading emails.

Here’s what I saw when I opened a message this morning from someone I know:


I blacked-out the sender’s name above, and I blurred the top portion of the email where he included his business’ letterhead, however the body of the email below is just what I saw on my screen.

Did this sender check to see how his work would appear when seen by others? Do you think recipients of this email got a positive impression from it?

Punctuation and proofreading may seem like little things, however they have the power to alter our perception of others.

Remember punctuation and proofreading the next time you express yourself in writing!