How to Introduce Mindfulness to Selling

mindfulness in selling

I’ve spent a lot of years working for other people. So when I decided to create my own agency, Internet Presence LLC, I invested a great deal of time thinking about the question, “How can I introduce mindfulness to selling?”.

This question was important to me, because I wanted to create a situation that allowed me to play a role in the success of my clients. Too often before, results were measured by the number of new clients or the number of new business opportunities — these measures satisfied management and the accountants, but they left me feeling hollow inside.

What is Mindfulness?

Before you can figure how to introduce mindfulness to selling, you must decide on a definition of mindfulness.

For me, mindfulness simply means being in the moment. It means that while I am with someone, I am focused entirely on that person and their needs. That requires a great deal of listening. Mindfulness in selling, therefore, means that I am focused entirely on the client’s needs during all sales conversations.

The Selling Contradiction

Many businesspeople are taught to control the sales conversation. There are entire sales courses and selling methods that emphasize this. If you adhere to one of these, then you will judge mindfulness in selling to be a contradiction. However, I have thought about this at great length, and I am convinced that taking a mindful approach to selling ultimately results in happier clients and better customer relationships.

How to Listen

I try to listen a lot. Much can be learned from listening. I find that most people will tell you what they need if you will simply take the time to listen to them.

In business, knowing what someone needs allows you to provide a solution. Solutions are enormously more valuable than products or services.

Products and services are commodities; people often make those purchase decisions based on price.

But solutions are priceless; bring a solution to your client, and you can practically name your own price.

Introducing Mindfulness to Selling

Before I walk into any sales meeting or begin any sales conversation, I always pause and ask myself, “How I can help this client the most — how can I be of maximum service to this client today?”.

The answer always begins with being in the moment for them, and listening!

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