Internet Presence for Small Business

Internet Presence for Small Business is a marketing strategy that allows companies to compete with one another by leveling the playing field for all. When small businesses leverage Internet presence, they can more easily be found by people who are looking for the products and services they provide, and they will be more likely to convert these individuals into clients or customers of the business. Internet Presence for Small Business enables small companies to compete with larger ones.

How is Internet Presence for Small Business different than that for large businesses?

Small businesses tend to have fewer resources, less capital available for marketing, and a greater need to show a return-on-investment (ROI) sooner than their larger counterparts. Internet Presence for Small Business is a marketing strategy that’s ideally suited to meet these needs — instead of relying on spending large sums, it works by spending “smarter”.

Take, for example, a small technology services company in a big market like New York City. They compete with a hundred or more other technology services companies that offer similar services in the same geographic region. But if they leverage Internet presence wisely, they will appear on the first page of search engines like Google — and they can even beat-out larger competitors in the search rankings. One such client of ours has been in business for over 25 years. After leveraging Internet presence for just a little more than one year, this company reports having the strongest quarter in their entire history!

What is needed to develop Internet presence for a small business?

I believe that there are three (3) key ingredients necessary in order to develop Internet presence for a small business.

They are:

  1. A business owner who understands that marketing is an investment in the company’s future;
  2. An Internet Presence marketing company with a proven track record and methodology;
  3. A synergy between the two, because they will be working together for at least twelve months.

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