How to Improve Internet Presence by Listening to Your Clients

This morning, over coffee with my friend Casey Hart from Informer Messages, we got to talking about how we spend most of our time each day — a fitting discussion, because today marks the two year anniversary of the end to my commute to work on Long Island, and it was one year ago that I first met him.

Allocating your time each day

Casey spends his time each day doing a lot of outbound telemarketing; I think his goal is to make about 20 telephone sales call each day. He also writes a weekly blog which he publishes on his website. In contrast, I do no outbound telemarketing whatsoever, and I have been blogging only about once per month.

“You really should blog more often,” he said to me.

Hmmm… that got me to thinking: Just how do I spend most of my time each day?

So after carefully reviewing my calendar entries for the past four weeks, I have arrived at the following breakdown. Here is how I spend most of my time each day:

  1. Working on ways to help my clients grow their businesses;
  2. Working on ways to expand my contact base (networking);
  3. Working on ways to improve my own Internet presence.

What’s your goal?

On consideration, I’ve decided that this is, in fact, the best allocation of my time. But why? Because before starting my own business, I was given goals set by others that were number-based. “Let’s onboard ten new clients this year!” “Let’s onboard fifty new clients!” Those are reasonable goals for some, I’m sure, and it’s important that any business be financially stable. But I’ve decided instead that I want to have clients who are successful as a result of the work I’m doing for them. My goal is to help my clients be successful. If you can impact someone else’s business by what you have to offer — well, growth will come organically by itself.

And that’s precisely how my business has grown these first two years: a few clients that have had success as a result of the Internet presence I developed for them have told a few others, and then those few have told others, and so on, and so forth. Today, if you Google “internet presence”, “internet presence improvement”, “internet presence development”, or similar phrases, my website and business rank quite prominently. And the testimonials I’m able to post online speak volumes about my work.

So, it turns out that Casey’s advice is right — “You really should blog more often.”

If you have a story to tell, and especially if you are able to help others, write about it. That’s what Internet presence is really all about — improving the way you and your business appear online.

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