What’s Meant by “Promotion” and “Attraction”?


We have all heard the word “promotion” used in business — an advertisement in a magazine and an email campaign are both examples of promotion. Is there any other way to get people interested in the products and services that we sell apart from promotion?

One of the most effective ways to communicate the value that your business has to offer is through attraction, rather than promotion.

Attraction is different than promotion. With attraction, we “put our best foot forward”, let others see what we do and how well we do it, then wait for them to ask us for help.

The attorney that does such a good job for his clients is practicing attraction. The auto mechanic that keeps your car running at peak efficiency is also practicing attraction.

Attraction can take longer than promotion to produce results

Attraction can take longer than promotion for a number of reasons. One of these is that we’re waiting for the prospect to make the first move to start a dialog. That means we will likely have a smaller “pool” of prospects to work with at any given time.

But prospects who are attracted to us tend to convert into customers and clients at a higher rate, because they’ve already watched what we do and seen what we have — they may have “vetted” us already — and they are convinced “we are the ones for them”.

For that reason, some business owners feel that attraction is a more efficient way to market a business.

We can build a business that’s based around attraction rather than promotion. Results may come more slowly, but the conversion rate will be higher. A business built on attraction may benefit, too, from having customers and clients who are real fans of the business. Fans of the business are great at spreading the word to others.

If you aren’t using both methods (attraction as well as promotion), you should probably give it a try. Many business owners do this without even being aware. When you invest resources in client relationships, train your staff to deliver exceptional customer service, and make certain that you offer the best possible products and services, you are working on attraction. When you invest resources in marketing, advertising, your website, and social media, you are working on promotion.

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