Can Small Businesses Benefit from Internet Presence Improvement?

At a backyard barbecue at my home this weekend, the owner of a small husband-and-wife business came up to me and said, “Can you believe what’s going on with our website?!”.

She was referring to the insane number of prospects they’ve been getting since I re-made their website for them last year. Their results are not out of the ordinary — small businesses benefit from Internet presence improvement even more than big businesses do! Why?

Why do small businesses benefit so much from Internet presence improvement?

The answer to that question is remarkably simple, and it’s something that I’ve been teaching for years — the Internet levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes.

The Internet allows small businesses to compete just like larger ones. In fact, a business’ success on the Internet isn’t dependent on the size of the business or on how much they spend on marketing. Success is dependent on how well you understand Internet marketing, search engine optimization, website design and usability, and the role of your website in your sales process.

Most small business owners have never considered this before — at best, they launched a website and wonder now why no one is calling them.

“My website is just passive.”

A photographer said to me last week, “My website is just passive. It doesn’t do anything for us.”

Imagine if your website wasn’t just passive; imagine if it portrayed your business in the best possible light, put you in front of qualified prospects that needed the product or service you offer, and helped convert website visitors into actual clients.

That’s the challenge I’ll undertake in the coming weeks — to take the success that I achieved for my backyard barbecue business owner and replicate it for the photographer whose husband-and-wife business I was just introduced to.

Do you think it can be done? I can practically guarantee it!