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Social Media: It’s All About Connecting

Ever wonder why one person’s social media account seems to be more “popular” than yours? What are they doing that you’re not? There are many misconceptions when it comes to how you should use your social media platforms to be found on the internet. This goes for your personal, as well as business, social media. […]

How Do You Know When You’re Not Blogging Often Enough?

One answer is, “When you find yourself responding via email to your clients’ questions.” Most of my clients don’t have the time to blog themselves (they’re too busy taking care of their customers), so they leave blogging and content creation on their websites to us. But for those who prefer to write their own content, […]

How to Grow a Small Business Without Advertising

Many readers of this blog know that I began my small business about two years ago, after having lost a job in the IT industry that I’d had for 12 years. Starting a small business any time is hard, but starting one when you no longer have an income is almost impossible. How do you […]

Do Google Reviews Matter for Small Businesses?

As the owner of a small business, you may ask yourself, “Do Google reviews matter?”. Well, let’s face it — in this day and age, Google is very often the first point of contact between a prospective new customer and a business. If you want to find a business nearby, if you’re planning an upcoming trip, […]

How to Improve Internet Presence by Listening to Your Clients

This morning, over coffee with my friend Casey Hart from Informer Messages, we got to talking about how we spend most of our time each day — a fitting discussion, because today marks the two year anniversary of the end to my commute to work on Long Island, and it was one year ago that […]

Internet Presence for Small Business

Internet Presence for Small Business is a marketing strategy that allows companies to compete with one another by leveling the playing field for all. When small businesses leverage Internet presence, they can more easily be found by people who are looking for the products and services they provide, and they will be more likely to […]

Is Your Internet Presence an Investment or an Expense?

This week, I’d like to tell you about two clients – both of whom I admire very much – whose views on Internet presence could not be more opposite. Understanding the differences in their ways of thinking reveals why some business owners are seeing the rewards of online marketing while others “don’t get it”.

Is Ongoing Website Maintenance Necessary?

Peace of Mind

Could ongoing website maintenance give you greater peace-of-mind? Read on to discover the mistake one business recently made… Last month, I received a call from someone who attended a presentation I had given on Internet Presence Marketing in Greenwich, Connecticut. “Hi Andy, this is Brian. I met you yesterday during the presentation. I have a […]

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