How Do You Know When You’re Not Blogging Often Enough?

One answer is, “When you find yourself responding via email to your clients’ questions.” Most of my clients don’t have the time to blog themselves (they’re too busy taking care of their customers), so they leave blogging and content creation on their websites to us. But for those who prefer to write their own content, I often tell them to write about whatever it is that your clients are asking you at the moment.

Have you ever sat down to reply to an email, and said to yourself, “Wait a minute — I know I answered this question before… let me find that email.” Those are great blog articles. Because if one client has the question, you can rest assured that another one has it as well. And what better way to answer a client’s inquiry than to point him or her to an article you’ve written previously on the topic.

So, how do you know when you’re not blogging often enough? Another answer is, when you finally have a moment to catch your breath, and you discover that your last blog entry was in August, and this is February! Boy, am I ever guilty of slacking-off.

When we’re busy tending to clients, we sometimes forget to do the things we know that we should be doing. This is precisely why most of my clients leave blogging and content creation to us (if only I had someone to outsource my work to…). But I digress.

How often is often enough?

My friend Casey blogs every week. Yes, every week. There are two things that he does religiously before the start of each weekend:

  1. Write this week’s blog installment
  2. Go to Vermont to ski.

I honestly believe that if he didn’t write the week’s blog, you would not see him on the slopes. He’s a very disciplined guy.

So that’s all that I wanted to say — I’ve written my 350 words, I’ve kept Google happy, and I’ve added fresh, relevant content to my website. And that’s all I want you to do, as well.

Now — go ski. And while you’re at it, stop in Newfane and say hello to the new owners of the Four Columns.