Perfect Storm for Marketing Your Business

perfect storm for marketing your business

If ever there was a perfect storm for marketing your business it would be now. All of the elements necessary for creating that ideal environment in which to grow your business are upon us — let’s take a look.

When we think about the elements that are needed in order to make marketing as successful as it can possibly be, we tend to think of:

  • Economy – is money available with which to market our businesses?
  • Demand – are people wanting our products and services and are they able to buy?
  • Outlook – does the near-term look good to market, or is it foreboding?
  • Environment – are affordable marketing opportunities available for small businesses?


Let’s take a look at each of those individually…

Considerations for Marketing

How does the Economy impact the perfect storm?

The American economy is good right now — the country is re-opening in many places following the pandemic, and people are anxious to get back to work. Loans, grants, and other programs have helped many businesses through the most difficult times, but even businesses that struggled mightily to hang on are looking forward with confidence to getting back to business. The future looks hopeful.

Is the perfect storm impacted by Demand?

Many people held-off buying those things that could wait — they didn’t travel, they stayed put; there was much uncertainty. But as the economy comes back to life, there is pent-up demand for products and services. Just look at the number of people traveling over this Memorial Day holiday — the demand is certainly there!

Is the Outlook generally good or bad?

I haven’t spoken to a single individual who is not absolutely looking forward to the near- and long-term future. There is still some uncertainty because we see COVID variants emerging in areas, but the vaccines appear promising at protecting against even those. Rather than hunkering down the way we did last year at this time, people are living their lives again.

Does the Environment contribute to the perfect storm for marketing?

Here is the most exciting part of this perfect storm: there are more opportunities to market small-to-medium size businesses than ever before, and the cost of marketing online has never been as affordable as it is right now.

From traditional search engine marketing (SEM), to cross-platform capabilities such as Geo-Fencing, Retargeting, and Contextual Targeting, what we know about our prospects and their behavior online allows us to laser-focus our marketing dollars on just those individuals and businesses most likely to be interested in our products and services. This makes marketing more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Businesses that are Marketing Right Now are Thriving

I have always encouraged small business owners to market their businesses consistently, as marketing is only effective when it is done over time. There’s no telling when someone is going to be ready to buy your product or service, and it’s imperative that you remain front-of-mind.

Several clients have told me that their business is up about 20% over last quarter, and that the first two quarters of this year are some of the busiest they have ever seen. I attribute this to pent-up demand, and the perfect storm for marketing that we’ve been discussing here.

This is not the time to hide your head in the sand — invest in getting the word out, try something new. If you need ideas or help, call me anytime at 203-548-0070.

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