Warm Qualified Leads versus “Hits”

warm qualified visitors

People ask me, “Now that we are investing more time and money in social media, when should we expect to see more ‘hits’ on our website?”. Whenever I hear that question…

…it reminds me that many business owners still misunderstand website ‘hits’.

The number of hits to your website really isn’t important

A ‘hit’ to your website is simply a request made to the web server for one of your web pages. The request can be made by a legitimate visitor, or it could be made by an automated program, such as a search engine, as it goes about its business indexing the Internet. A single entity can make repeated ‘hits’ to your website; there could be thousands of ‘hits’ to your website each day. Therefore the number of ‘hits’ to your website is really not important at all.

As a business owner, the only thing that really matters is the number of warm qualified leads that can be traced back to your marketing — and don’t forget, this includes the website plus your social media, plus anything else you are doing in your organization to market your products and services.

What’s your definition of marketing?

A good definition of marketing goes something like this:

“Marketing is all of those things that influence a prospect’s perception of my business, my products, and my services, such that when they are ready to buy, they will think of me ahead of my competition.”

Wow! That really is a great definition of marketing!

If you hold that definition of marketing to be true, then you can see that warm qualified leads for your business are more important than website ‘hits’.

Warm qualified leads

So, what exactly are warm qualified leads and how do you recognize when you have one?

A client of mine said it best: “The inquiries we get now on our website are all warm qualified leads because these people have already vetted us online and are ready to do business.”

If you need help generating warm, qualified leads for your business, contact us online or call (203) 548-0070.

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