The Secret to Happy Clients

The secret to happy clients

Everything you need to know about the secret to happy clients has already been taught to you.

Back when Internet marketing was just beginning, businesses were busy trying to figure out how to monetize the Internet. Owners wanted to know how the Internet was going to make them money, and placement on the search engines was big — everyone wanted to know how to get on Page One.

I remember when the company I was working for began to take the Internet seriously. They’d had a website for a couple of years already, but they didn’t know how to use it. And it certainly wasn’t popping-up when someone searched for what we were selling.

Back in the day, I hadn’t yet developed Internet Presence (or iPresence© as it is known now, our tool for improving a business’ online visibility). So we hired a company that promised to get results for us on the Internet.

The company we engaged had an impressive deliverable that they would send to us at the end of every month. It was a report — dozens of pages long, with spreadsheets, tables, and metrics — designed to show us how we were progressing on the Internet.

Each month it would arrive, and each month we would thumb through the pages of numbers, pretending to be duly impressed but not really understanding what we were looking at.

But there was one problem: the monthly report was the only “deliverable” they ever produced for us — we still weren’t appearing in searches, and we still hadn’t received a single call, email, form submission, or inquiry from the Internet.

Then, after about six (6) months had gone by, I remember a conversation I had with one of the partners, a mentor of mine.

I asked him if he was still getting the monthly Internet report, and he replied that he was.

“But I don’t even look at it anymore,” he said. “It isn’t a report that I want — what I want is results. They can keep the report.”

The Secret to Happy Clients is Revealed

Aha! This was a pivotal moment in my thinking. Ever since we first engaged this company, I had been wondering where all the data was coming from, and how could I create a service like this for my customers.

That’s when it occurred to me — the secret to happy clients wasn’t to impress them with reports — the secret to happy clients was just to give them what they truly want: results! That’s not rocket science, that’s just common sense. I knew that all along!

A Mindfulness Moment

Remember, if you are mindful in your interactions with every client, you will always be fully present for them, listening for what they need.

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