The Secret About Facebook and Twitter that Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Every business owner needs to consider whether or not Facebook and Twitter belong in their marketing mix.

But there’s a “secret” benefit to utilizing both of these social media tools that most business owners know absolutely nothing about: Facebook and Twitter are essential in communicating during an emergency.

With the winter approaching, it’s imperative to be prepared for snowstorms and the havoc that they wreak — fallen trees, downed power lines, the loss of electricity, the loss of Internet service, and so on.

How can businesses communicate with their customers (and their employees, for that matter) when the power goes out and Internet service is interrupted? The answer is social media — specifically, Facebook and Twitter.

Did you know that both Facebook and Twitter can be utilized without an Internet connection? That’s right, both of these social media services can be used quite effectively with nothing more than a cell phone signal!

Use Facebook to post announcements; use Twitter to post updates.

Your business should have a Facebook page. During an emergency, it can be used to post announcements such as, “Our office is currently closed due to the snow. To contact us, please call …”. People who have “friended” your business on Facebook can receive these announcements on their phone.

Your business should also have a Twitter feed. During an emergency, it can be used to send out updates such as, “We’ve set-up an emergency phone number to reach us …”. People who “follow” your Twitter feed can receive these updates on their phone.

The idea of “announcements” and “updates” can be tailored to any type of business, from a retail store to a professional services firm.

Set-up these tools and educate your customers and employees before the need arises:

  • Encourage all of your customers and employees to “Like” your Facebook business page – this will enable them to see information you post more easily, and allow them to post information back to you.
  • Encourage all of your customers and employees to “Follow” your business’ Twitter feed – this will enable them to receive your Twitter updates.