Sales Training for Internet Leads

Many businesses would like to close more sales from the leads they receive online. When done correctly, a business’ website and Internet presence can be a 24×7 “marketing machine,” literally creating leads for the sales department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Closing sales from Internet leads requires special skill, however, and each situation is different.

What is an Internet lead?

When a visitor to your website takes one or more calls-to-action, the visitor becomes a “lead”. Calls-to-action on your website might include your telephone number, an online contact form, a live chat window, a downloadable paper, a newsletter sign-up, etc. Acting on any one of these calls-to-action is akin to the visitor raising his or her hand and saying, “I’m interested in what I see here; please tell me more.” Some of these actions are easy to take (filling-out a contact form is painless), while others are more difficult (picking-up the telephone and calling a business can be frightening to some people). Since each call-to-action is different, your sales team needs to understand how to respond in order to convert that lead to closed new business.

How is sales training for Internet leads different than other types of sales training?

Sales training is the formal and structured way that your sales team goes about its work of converting leads into closed new business. Because Internet leads are different than, say, a prospect walking in to your place of business to make a purchase, your sales team needs to understand the different “buyer personas” that make up your target audience and how to interact with each.

Internet Presence Marketing and Sales Training for Internet Leads

As you know by now, Internet Presence Marketing is the process of managing your business’ entire online presence, with the goal of making sure that prospects searching for you or the products and services that you offer are most likely to engage with you. Since that engagement usually begins when the prospect takes a call-to-action, it follows, therefore, that you should learn the sales training skills most likely to convert Internet leads into closed new business. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to check out Berman Consulting Associates ( a sales training and development company with unique skills in this area. I highly recommend them.