I’ve Got My Eye on You!

I've got my eye on you!

Give thought to helping another person — why is being mindful important?

Being mindful of others doesn’t sound like the quickest path to success — but it is the best path toward building a business with a solid foundation.

When I began Internet Presence a few years ago, my primary concern was ramping-up the business as quickly as I could. I did that because I thought it was the path to success — you know, take on as many clients as I could; grow the revenues of my new company as quickly as I could.

But that turned out to be a mistake.

By allowing Greed and Pride to get the better of me, I began building a business whose foundation was weak. And as I added one new client after another, I found that I had less time to spend with each of them.

I was accomplishing my goals alright — taking on as many clients as I could, growing the revenues of my new company as quickly as I could — but I was setting my needs ahead of those of others.

I realized the importance of helping others ahead of myself while listening to another business owner talk about his experience with prospects interested in his services. I heard him say that he sometimes listens to a prospect’s needs, then tells them to go back to their current vendor and better explain what they’re looking for, because the current vendor is the best one for their needs.

In other words, he doesn’t take on the new client!

This concept was completely foreign to me — I had never “not taken on” a new client that was interested in my services.

But here was this business owner, whom I admired greatly and whose business was growing at an impressive rate, showing me that he is careful about which clients he takes on.

And those clients really like him, and they refer him to new business!

When you care about the needs of others — the needs of your clients, let’s say — your concern for them becomes obvious and can permeate all areas of your company. So remember, I’ve got my eye on you! Be mindful today and give thought to helping another person. (Remember to get through the noise!)

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