A Look Back on 2020 and the Meaning of “Gratitude”

Andrew Lehrfeld Yankee Stadium

Do you recognize this man?

In this photo, I appear to be grateful to simply be at a ballgame. How things have changed!

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck earlier this year, I wondered how it would impact my life and my business, and the lives and businesses of my friends.

In early March, almost overnight, meetings and in-person events either transitioned to virtual, or shut-down entirely. Restaurants, theaters, sports venues — all shut-down.

I did a lot of meditating and thinking during this time — how could I best serve my clients in this crisis?

The answer came to me: I needed to reach out and contact as many clients and friends as I could, and ask them about the ways the pandemic is affecting them and their businesses.

Some of those I spoke to had had the foresight to put a disaster recovery plan in place; some told me that their businesses had dried-up and they were hurting.

What could I do — was there something I had that could help them? Yes — I had skills, labor, and talent that I could donate. I decided that Internet Presence would waive fees for services related to helping clients stay in touch with, and get word out to, their clients and prospects.

We installed email marketing software for them, we wrote content, we built websites and microsites, we hosted webinars — we didn’t say “No” to any request! Thankfully, not a single client of ours has closed their doors. And we continue to do anything and everything they need from us.

The Next Ballgame; My Gratitude List

I don’t know when I will be back at Yankee Stadium for the next ballgame. What I know is that the word “gratitude” means more to me than ever.

I am grateful for:

  • Family, friends, faith, and hope
  • Colleagues, clients, and co-workers
  • Opportunities and mistakes
  • The ability to help others

To my dear clients, I am grateful for your business and your friendship. Please be in touch and tell me how I can help you reach your goals in 2021.