Early websites

Years ago, businesses thought of their websites like “electronic brochures” — they would publish information about their products and services much like they would publish to a printed catalog, or brochure.

When a prospect would call their place of business for more information, they would tell them to look at their website, instead of placing a catalog or brochure into the mail.

Not so any longer — those days are long gone!

The situation today

Today, your website is almost always the first impression a new prospect or client gets about your business.

Whether they were searching for the products or services you provide, or referred to you by someone else, they are going online to “check you out” before deciding whether or not to engage with you.

Professional business websites that serve as the first impression others have about you used to cost thousands of dollars upfront — but not anymore.

A better alternative

An Internet Presence Managed Website, available as a managed service, has no upfront cost.

Our business-class websites are sold as a service — pay for them monthly — yet each is unique and custom-made for you!

We have designed and developed more than 100 websites

Here are the most recent…