The rules of marketing are changed forever

You already know that the rules of marketing have changed forever — none of the traditional marketing activities that used to work for you are working any longer:

  • Direct-mail response rates have dried up;
  • No one turns to the Yellow Pages any more;
  • Newspaper and magazine ads are ineffective;
  • Cold calls and telephone sales have been rendered useless by cell phones and spam blockers.

Yet, as a business owner, you know that marketing is essential — you must continue to expose new and potential clients to your business name.

What is the answer?

Many small business owners look at the opportunities available on the Internet and decide to go it alone.

Have you ever seen a website, an email campaign, or a social media page that was created by the business owner?

They all have one thing in common — they look like they were created by the business owner!

Your online presence — your Internet Presence — says everything about you that a new and potential client is going to see.

Whether they were searching for someone that provides the products and services that you do, or were referred to you by a friend, prospects are going to “check you out” online before deciding whether or not to engage.

You have one chance — and only one chance.  What they see online or receive from you via email had better be great!

If it’s a website that looks like you made it yourself, forget it!

You need a Managed Internet Presence

What can Managed Internet Presence take care of for you?

  • Set-up a Zoom Meeting or Webinar and take care of registering the attendees for you;
  • Create an email marketing campaign around a particular product, service, or online event for you;
  • Write and publish a Blog for your business;
  • Set-up a CRM system for your business and import all of your clients, vendors, and leads;
  • Introduce you to the best technology and practice management consultants in the business.

Included in our Managed Internet Presence package:

Website Design & Updates
Unlimited Support
On-Demand Reports
100% Compatibility Guarantee
(Works on all web browsers)
(Works on iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.)
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Video Hosting
Security (SSL) Certificates
Optional Free Logo
Unlimited Publishing
Blazing Fast, Business-Class Hosting
Website Appliance Firewall (WAF)
Social Media Content & Management
Weekly or Monthly Blog Writing
Support for All Digital Marketing Initiatives
(Webinars, Email Marketing, etc.)