Internet Presence LLC Turns 8 Today!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Internet Presence LLC turns 8 today!

I have used this space to write on subjects that include marketing, digital marketing, Internet presence, website development, social media, and so much more. I have written about reinventing oneself. I have written about small businesses being able to compete with larger ones thanks to the Internet’s ability to level the playing field.

Today I want to write about what happens when you follow this formula:

Business Networking + Internet Presence + Marketable Skill = Success

First, let’s define those ingredients:

  • Business Networking: This is the effort you put toward growing your network of business contacts, often through active participation in one or more professional groups.
  • Internet Presence: This is the effort you put toward improving the way you and your business look online, thereby increasing the likelihood that prospects will engage with you.
  • Marketable Skill: This is the product or service you are uniquely qualified to deliver, thereby providing value for money and making yourself sought-after in your field.

Now, let’s define that outcome:

  • Success: This is up to you to define — success is entirely subjective. What does success look like to you? Is it money? Is it happiness? Is it your health?

The formula will bring you success if you:

  1. Understand the ingredients;
  2. Put the ingredients into practice;
  3. Strive for a success that includes others.

Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to own a few businesses and to work for several others. In each case, some (but not all) of those ingredients were present — with the notable exception of today. Today, all three (3) ingredients are in place, and the formula works as expected.

Now for the icing on the cake!

It is true that you can be successful by following the formula “Business Networking + Internet Presence + Marketable Skill = Success”.

However, you can go a step further. I was reminded of that last week during a Zoom call with a client, who said, “You’re not just a web developer — you care about our business and take a holistic approach toward helping us — that’s what is so great about you!”.

Thank you for our first 8 years!

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