Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you the Owner or Managing Partner of a professional services firm? Are you concerned about prospects finding you online, and how you look compared to your competitors?

Improving your presence online is a good way to increase the likelihood that prospects will find you and gain a positive impression of your firm.

Today, more than ever, businesses turn to the Internet to research providers before deciding whether or not to engage them.

An ongoing investment in your firm’s Internet Presence that leads to new business is a “no-brainer”. Internet Presence can help!


What is meant by the term 'Internet presence'?

The term ‘Internet Presence’ refers to the way a business appears online.  A strong, positive Internet Presence enables small businesses to compete with much larger ones, and is essential for all businesses to have these days.

What type of business should be concerned about Internet Presence?

All businesses need a strong, positive Internet Presence, however small-to-medium size businesses stand to gain the most from having one.  That’s because the Internet levels the playing field for everyone, allowing small businesses to compete with much larger ones if they invest in their Internet Presence smartly.

How can a business improve its Internet Presence?

There are countless ways that a business can improve its Internet Presence; we have found a proprietary methodology that works best.  At the core of our process is an understanding of who makes-up your target audience, and how you differ from your competitors.  That’s why our Internet Presence process doesn’t begin with a website or social media — it begins with research.

Do you only work with professional services firms?

For the most part, yes. Professional services firms, such as Information Technology (IT) providers, Law Firms, Business Management and Consulting Firms, tend to offer services that people are searching for. They tend to have a story to tell, provide much needed services, and understand the value of marketing. And, because our founder was an early adopter of technology, we speak their language, which means we can be very good at creating content that directly appeals to them and the audience they serve — business owners.

In addition to our professional services clients, we occasionally take on pro bono projects for worthy organizations. If you believe you have a project that we would be interested in, we encourage you to contact us.

Please be aware that there is a waiting list for many of our services.