Our Story — The History of Internet Presence LLC


Our story begins before the birth of the Internet, when our company’s owner, Andrew Lehrfeld, took his first job out of college at the New York City advertising agency of David Deutsch Associates.

The year was 1980 — Andrew had just earned a degree in Communications; Blondie was singing “Call Me”, and Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was the year’s top-selling album.

It was there, at the advertising agency of David Deutch Associates, that Andrew gained an early understanding of creative writing, advertising, and marketing, working on numerous local and national accounts.


  • In 1984, Andrew was hired to be Director of Marketing for a small, family-owned business that served large, corporate accounts. He conceived of the idea to write newsletters and direct-mail advertisements for the company, and it quickly grew to become the largest business of its kind in the U.S.;
  • By 1996, he created that firm’s website, and registered its new domain name, as the Internet grew in popularity; he became co-owner of the business in that year as well;
  • The following year, Andrew began building corporate websites for other businesses, and he founded Out-of-Site, Inc., his first website company;
  • In 2000, Andrew received another offer: a local IT Services provider wanted him to help small business owners learn how to use technology and the Internet to grow their businesses.  He led that firm’s Internet business unit for more than 12 years.
  • In 2013, recognizing that a strong online presence could enable small businesses to compete with much larger ones, he formed Internet Presence LLC, a Connecticut company, to provide Website Development, Social Media Management, and Digital Marketing as a service to small-to-medium size businesses.


To date, Internet Presence LLC has worked with over 60 clients, providing Managed Website, Managed Social Media, and Managed Internet Presence services.

The firm’s motto “Digital Marketing Done-for-You” and Andrew’s vision of creating a special kind of trusted partnership continue to guide everything we do.


Andrew Lehrfeld
Managing Member

“The best people you will meet in life are a pleasure to work with.”